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How To Ship Books

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  • Date: September 29, 2014 | Author: Jake Owens | Category: How-To's

    Selling back your used textbooks, or any books you might have picked up at a garage sale, is a simple process if you use a site like sell textbooks for cash. They run the barcode for you through a massive database to find online buyers who will pay the most for your used books.

    For some, the fear is in getting the book to the buyer, but this is unfounded. Most are going to offer to pay the shipping costs all you need to do is find a box to put them in.

    Of course you can just go to a local moving store and pick up a few boxes there, but why pay money when your local stores are throwing barely used cardboard containers away. Ask at your local supermarket, drugstore or even delicatessen and you are going to find that they will be happy to unload their used boxes onto you. If not, check behind major retailers like Walmart or even Home Depot. Most of them stack used cardboard boxes out by the dumpster for the trash guys to get.

    Now that you have found the right boxes to mail your books off in, you have to worry about paying for the shipping right? Wrong. The buyer is going to send you a prepaid shipping label that you just need to affix to the outside of the box. It’s going to come in an e-mail to you, which only needs to be printed off and taped to the outside of the box.

    Can this be any easier? All you did was run a few barcodes through a website, they found you the best price and now the buyer is paying for your shipping. The hardest part was finding the box, but you probably needed to do some shopping anyway.

    Once the buyer receives your package, he or she will check the books to make sure they match the condition grade you noted and remit you your money. No hidden strings, and no scams, this is a straight forward business transaction that just gave you cash for something you no longer have a use for.

    If you haven’t tried this for yourself, go ahead and start running your textbooks barcodes through sell textbooks for your cash. The price they find for you is going to considerably more than what you would get at your campus bookstore, minus the standing on line and arguing with the clerk about the name written on the inside cover. And since all of the leg work is done for you, all you have left once the books are in the mail is to wait to start counting your money.