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You can find the ISBN near the barcode on the back of any textbook.

The Selling Textbooks FAQ

From time to time we get questions about selling your textbooks back online. Here are some of the most popular ones we get in, so it should cover all your textbook questions. If for some reason your question isn't answered below please contact us and we'll help you out!

General Questions

Who pays for shipping when selling back textbooks?

Usually the store buying the books will pay for the shipping. Most of them will provide you a prepaid shipping label you simply print out and tape it to the box with your books in it. Simply drop the box in the mail and you don't need to mess with anything else!

I can't get the barcode scanner to work on the app, what's up?

The barcode scanner is kind of picky and needs a lot of light to work properly. Make sure you're in a well lit room so it can see the bar code clearly. If it still won't work please just go to the page where you manually enter it and and type out the ISBN.

Are there any international sites that buy textbooks back?

We have seen a few sites located in Canada that buy back textbooks but not very many. Other than that it seems like it's something that is only located in the US at this time. If you find some stores that buy books back out of the USA please let us know and we can see about making an international version of our app.

Do I make more money selling books back online or in a store?

We've seen that you make quite a bit more money selling back your books online than in a local bookstore. Most of the local bookstores know there isn't much competition and can get away with paying you as little as possible for your books. While online there are a bunch of stores and they heavily compete on price to get your books.

Do you guys offer any phone support or should I contact you via email?

As of this time we do not do any kind of phone call support, but we're quick on the draw when it comes to emailing! Use our support form on the contact us page and we'll get back to you so quick it'll make your head spin! If it's something important make sure to put that in the subject so it catches our eyes above everything else.

Do you offer any kind of affiliate program or textbook comparison white label?

While we don't feature it on the outside of the site we definitely do offer a whitelabel program that allows you to run your own textbook comaprison site. We have a few different options to meet your needs and your budget, just give us a shout and we can run through all the different ways we can work toegther.