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Flipping Books From Goodwill

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  • Date: December 3, 2014 | Author: Jake Owens | Category: How-To's

    Have you heard about these sites on line that are offering money for used books and textbooks? I ran across this one the other day – sell textbooks for cash – and decided I had to give it a try. The whole set-up was so simple, all I had to do was type in the bar code off of my last terms psych class book and in just a minute it was telling me how to much I could get back for it, and where.

    Better yet is the app for the site. Once I saw that I could carry this type of technology on my cell, I immediately thought of the Goodwill store in town, and the hundreds of books they have for sale.

    Goodwill shopping is usually my mom’s thing, but the few times she has managed to drag me inside I always found a couple of great book deals. So armed with my textbooks for cash app I turned my Toyota into the parking lot and bravely entered the immense store. With confidence I headed to the far right corner where I knew the books were, and then, started scanning barcodes off of a few of the titles, acting as though I just received a text.

    This type of stealth appealed to me, as I slowly perused for books that looked as though they had the most value. Hardcover textbooks first, which were all a huge bargain according to my app, followed by other types of hardcover fiction and non fiction books. As I looked down at the pile of books growing next me and did a mental calculation, I realized that I had forgotten to take into consideration the sticker day. For those who don’t do Goodwill, let me explain:

    Mine, and most Goodwill stores I bet, put the prices on their stuff with different colored tags and stickers. Then, each day they will assign one of those colors to be on sale. Oh the excitement I felt as I ran to the front to check what color was the magic one for today. Red! Ran back to my pile to find that almost a quarter of the books I had found were discounted even more!

    I couldn’t believe the total I was given after the lady had finished ringing up my stack of books. If the app was right, I was going to quadruple what I just spent (which was about what I would have spent on lunch). I thanked her profusely and with great anticipation ran home to double check the numbers on the sell textbooks for cash site.

    According to them, everything the app had told me in the Goodwill store was right on the money. Plus, all of the places listed that would buy these books offered free shipping and shipping labels. This was by far the easiest money I have ever earned.

    If this seems like it is too good to be true to you, it wasn’t. One by one I was sent a check from each of the places that bought my books. There were no arguments about the condition like the lady at the campus bookstore had with me last semester or deductions from my deposit (which happened the one time I tried renting books. Don’t do that, it’s a scam) when they thought I had put highlights in the book. This was so easy and I made such a nice profit, that last week I offered to drive mom to the Goodwill 2 towns over.