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  • Date: October 10, 2014 | Author: Jake Owens | Category: Tips & Tricks

    Just like you can count on bad food in the cafeteria, you can count on swarms of students at the campus bookstore the end of every semester. What drives your fellow alumni to travel in packs there? They are making an attempt to get some money back for the textbooks they no longer have a use for.

    This is a system that has been taking place on college campuses all over the world for decades. Pay a ton of money for a textbook, look at it a couple of times when the professor tells you to, and then sell it back. Of course you don’t get back what you paid, even though next year’s owner is probably going to pay the same amount you did, if not more for it.

    Even so, the tradition continues and the herds amass onto the bookstore despite the long lines they have to endure, and the low prices they have to settle for.

    There are a hundred things better than this that you could be doing with your time. Like painting your nails or playing online poker. Sure, you need the money too, but if life at college has taught you anything, it’s how to get the most bang from your buck. And that’s definitely not with selling your books back to the campus bookstore.

    Instead of following the hordes to stand on line, get online. Sites like Sell Textbooks For Cash will run a search on your books ISBN code and find the stores that are giving the most money for it. This involves an intense search of the thousands of bookstores around the country that serve college campuses.

    Once the highest prices are found you will get to choose which one you want to deal with. Most of these stores will give you pre-paid shipping labels and send you a check after they check over the books. So once you find the best deal, you just have to box the book up, send it on its way, and wait for your money to arrive in the mail.

    You’re going find out fast that the online stores give you the best deals. That’s because instead of having to pay a big electric bill for a brick and mortar, they can pay more for the books they buy. So while your friends are counting the pennies that the campus bookstore gave them, you’ll be counting your bills. You may even make enough back to cover your books for next semester. Or your Spring Break trip. But that’s up to your priorities.

    This back and forth with the campus bookstore is one college tradition that has finally run its course. With access to bookstores all over the country, students have more options today then were available even just 10 years ago. Take advantage of these opportunities and finally get back something useful from all those college text books you are being forced to buy.